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Art meets Innovation meets Business



Design creative environments, develop team capabilities and transform mindsets with art as a source of technological innovation. Enhance skills and different approaches generating synergy and creative explosion. This is HarlemPlus.

1. Visibility

Increased visibility and
outreach for artist and brands before,
during and after the event

2. Sales 

Increase of Streams & Sales
(Playlists, Live-EPs, Follower,
Product Placements, Limited
Merchandise, Custom made

3. Authenticity

Extraordinary and unique
marketing possibilities with
Europe’s unique atmosphere on stunning rooftops

4. Interaction

Take advantage of this unique space to interact with your audience, generate more engagement and expand your objectives

Business & Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is about creating jobs, shaping the future, not just making money. It is a movement that demands commitment, awareness and social responsibility above all else.

1. Experience

Live a unique experience for your company, turn our event into a team building opportunity 

2. Access

With HarlemPlus you will have access to artists and new businesses and companies. Take your network to another level

3. Social Impact

Help us to make this world a nicer place, join our values and improve your corporate image. Let's bet on inclusion, sustainability, equality...

4. Invest

Invest and profit from an innovative, vibrant and social project. Boost your business by getting involved in a variety of ways.

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